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Youth urged to embrace anti-crime mechanism as part of civic education

05:34 AM 2016

The call was made by the District Community Liaison Officer of Nyabihu, Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Philippe Abizeye, on March 24 where he pointed out that their role in community safety is paramount and urged them to always work closely with security organs in crime prevention. AIP Abizeye told the students that, “being part of crime prevention is a sign of patriotism. If you love your nation and wish the best for it, you have to make it a personal responsibility to keep it safe.”

“Our country has achieved a lot but we can’t afford to sit back, we must build on that, work even harder to protect what we have achieved and aim at achieving more." "The youth constitute a bigger percentage of the country’s population, meaning, if you played a significant role in crime prevention, there is no doubt we can have a crime-free society.” The DCLO went on to say that there are crimes like drug abuse that could be stamped out if there is coordinated and collective efforts.

“It has been proven that most wrongdoers act under the influence of drugs, imagine how many crimes we could stop if we stamped out drugs in our communities,” he challenged the youth. “Whenever you encounter someone trafficking or consuming drugs always notify security organs but not only drugs…you should report anyone you suspect of attempting to commit a crime, that way, you will have been true patriots.”
The in-charge of good governance in Nyabihu, Seleman Munyambabazi thanked the police for reaching out to the youth who are about to finish their first phase of civic education and also joined in asking the youth to embrace crime prevention mechanisms


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