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Why Parents fear to talk to children about sexuality and HIV Prevention?

04:11 AM 2017

HIV AIDS is still there and let us all stand together as themed the 2016 UN World AIDS Day celebration.

The celebration marked the discussions between youth, parents and children with aim to identify role of parents and guardians to discuss sexuality education within families. Each group discussed ways that challenge themselves in HIV Prevention and possible solutions. One of the raised issues include parent fear to talk to their children about sexuality and HIV AIDS prevention.

Recent UN Research has shown that women are mostly infected comparably to men with various reasons that include lack of parent involvement in talking to children about sexuality and HIV AIDS prevention.

A lady from university said my parent did not talk to me about sexuality. I learnt from school and peers exchange. In our discussions, we concluded that our parents have to be open to tell us about sexuality and Nicole a high school student on her side, she said my parents talked to me about sexuality and I try to follow their advice. In addition, we discussed that young people also can talk to their parents and have conversation about sexuality and HIV prevention.

In parent group discussion ,one of the parent testified that for parents we are shy and not feel comfortable talking about sexuality to our children with fear that telling them is also to send our children to experience it elsewhere.

UN resident Coordinator speech read by Dr Olu from UN WHO mentions that Young people and adults are growing up safe from HIV and treatment has to get more accessible so that everyone stays HIV free. We need to act and act fast now.

UN clinic and AHF were present to offer free testing service to people. Etiene Hakizimana in charge of HIV prevention at AHF Rwanda said AHF provided free HIV Testing and counseling whereby 64 people that include 50 men and 14 women were tested with zero positive cases and 1005 condoms were distributed.

The celebration ended with common understanding saying let us raise our hands and say No new HIV infections.

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