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Who is Naïma Isaro Rahamatali, the first Diaspora lady indorsed to contest in Miss Rwanda beauty pageant

10:14 AM 2016

Naima Isaro Rahamatali was born in Rwanda with both Rwandan parents. Her father Rahamatali named her Rahamatali as her second name. Couple of years ago ,a friend named her Isaro which is an unofficial name. She is in Rwanda for holiday trying to learn new things she missed for a long time including improving her Kinyarwanda. Actually , she is able to speak basic Kinyarwanda and understanding it .

Speaking with , in 1995 she moved to Canada with her family at early age of 5 year old kid. Then ,she was no longer exposed to mother tongue of Kinyarwanda.

Years and years ,she missed her home country but kept the hope that one day she will see her homeland. Through her facebook page Naima’s World ,one can find out how she misses home and proud to be a Rwandese lady through photos or videos she posted in recent years

A friend and a neighbour in Montreal city said I remember she planned to see her homeland three years back.

She was crowned second run up in Miss Afrique Montreal in Canada.

In early 2015, she was selected to represent Rwanda in Miss Africa Montreal where she was the second run up in Miss Afrique Montreal in Canada.

Isaro Naima said I was moved and proud to represent Rwanda in the competition even if I was still not yet visited but I kept Rwanda in my heart and the Rwanda flag rised among others.

How did it start to audition for Miss Rwanda 2016?

Days after arriving in Rwanda for her holidays to catch up with her homeland in order to learn new things and identifying what she can do to develop the country; her cousin said to her that there is the auditions for Miss Rwanda going on that I can try out as I am not new in Miss contest because I represented Rwanda last year 2015 in Miss Africa Montreal and that is how I submitted my application and I was surprised to receive a call that I qualified for auditions and now I am thrilled again to make the cut into 25 ladies for final selection

Naima isaro is 1, 71 m, and 66.3 Kg . The Miss Rwanda 2016 Judges were surprised of her mainly because of the way she is fluent in English and French regardless of not being fluent in Kinyarwanda after long time of lacking kinyarwanda speaking exposure opportunities.

Naima added that I hope to inspire other girls from Diaspora that they can feel free to come in Rwanda and contribute in developing Rwanda .This will open the eyes of Rwandan Diaspora youth to come home ,invest and participate like other Rwandese especially ladies even if we have been away. I think this will show that we are treated fairly. The fact of not speaking fluently kinyarwanda, being not exposed to kinyarwanda abroad cannot hinder our chances to participate in local competition. people can understand it

I started learning kinyarwanda quickly and when someone is speaking I can hear but responding them that is the issue.” she uttered.

She will be representing Kigali City.

Naima is among the final 25 girls to represent provinces and Kigali city who will be selected 15 finalist among them to contest for the final stage on 27 February 2016 in Kigali Serena Hotel.

Photos on how to vote Naima for Miss Rwanda 2016


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