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UNIDO DG LI Yong told STRAWTEC set to increase youth employment and trainings to TVET schools and IPRCs

10:11 AM 2016


In his remarks LI Yong stated that this is a good achievement of Rwanda in opening doors for investors to operate businesses in Rwanda due to investment policy, government policy, security, good infrastructure and all of those have attracted investors. He added that UNIDO will continue to support Rwanda in advancing its development.

Minister of Trade and Industry Fran├žois KANIMBA

Minister of Trade and Industry KANIMBA in his speech said the visit of Li Yong is to see if we have all necessary to attract investors either local or international and it will attract more investment in Rwanda.

The STRAWTEC representatives have shown the visitors how the industry works from law materials, production chain to final product hence the affordable houses built in straw.

The Factory Manager Eng. Jean Paul NZEYIMANA, said that STRAWTEC is to produce strawboards, construct and offer the affordable housing to Rwanda people. He added that they call upon rice and wheat growers especially cooperatives to put interest on the straw which is another added value on their harvest production. It is another business opportunity to the local communities to make a living out of it.

In his remarks Ange NTIRANYIBAGIRWA, Finance and Human resource manager of STRAWTEC in partnership TVET schools, they offer trainings to students in strawboard construction among with 10 graduated and employed. Working with IPRCs, STRAWTEC trains their students in electrical, mechanical as well as construction. we will continue to offer this trainings continuously.

STRAWTEC started officially in Rwanda since November 2015 and actually employ over 30 people and work closely with wheat and rice cooperatives in North and Eastern Province and envisage to expand in other provinces of the country. STRAWTEC is willing to play a big part in post-harvest infrastructures such us drying grounds, storage facilities to improve their harvests quality.

Photos: Patrick Ntwali


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