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Nyamirambo, Matimba,Korodoro overriding condom usage in Kigali

14:42 PM 2017

The four famous places around Kigali has been ranked as upfront in terms of using condoms than other areas in Kigali in as per to the outspoken statistics delivered by AHF (AIDS Healthcare Foundation) Rwanda.

The targeted places in capital city Kigali were those that are known for holding many prostitutes such as Migina, Matimba ( Nyamirambo) , Korodori and Sodoma wherein one month of February 2017, forty thousand condoms were offered (40000).

According to AHF Rwanda figures, Matimba is the first place to use many condoms compared to other places and based on this factor, it is not surprising that one can decide that it leads others places in terms of having sex.

John Hakizimana the AHF Rwanda staff who does a daily follow-up on these kiosks as well as working hand in hand with AHF Rwanda, told the online youth magazine that the February statistics show that Matimba comes first in delivering a huge amount of condoms.

He said: β€œIn the whole month of February this year, Matimba kiosk condom delivered twenty-four thousand (24000) condoms , Giporoso known as Korodoro came on the second place with sixteen thousand (16000) condoms, Migina at Remera came on the third place with thirteen thousand (13000) condoms, and lastly Gikondo Magerwa Sodoma delivered eleven thousand and six hundred (11600) condoms".

Iradukunda Solange 16, is one of the prostitutes in Matimba told that she is very excited to get that chance of getting condoms for free of charge. β€œI usually use condoms, but I buy them in different shops around the place and one small parcel cost 500 Rwf and now I no longer buy condom because I get some from this kiosk condom ” Solange expressed.

Having a protected sex is very crucial in terms of getting rid of sexually transmitted diseases Including HIV/AID as well as preventing undesirable pregnancies.
The Rwandan Biomedical Center department in charge of HIV prevention and other sexual transmitted diseases affirmed that this program started in this zone because 8% of Rwezamenyo sector population are HIV positive.

AHF Rwanda started working in Rwanda in 2006 and it is now in 38 countries all over the world, ten of them are from African continent including Rwanda. On 17th March 2017, AHF Rwandan will celebrate 10years anniversary it has been delivering its supportive services in Rwanda.

Take a look at this video of youth in Nyamirambo celebrating condoms delivery

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