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Niyigena is the first bachelor’s Graduate at Kepler

00:46 AM 2016

Antoine Niyigena has now earned his U.S. accredited B.A. Southern New Hampshire University. Because of his hard work and focus, Antoine earned his degree in just 29 months. Antoine is now hunting another degree in China.

In the program which is supposed to end in 36 moths (3 years), Antoine fared the excursion only in 29 months. Antoine said that it was an easy goal for him to achieve but the more he struggled to accomplish the more he managed to prosper. “I loved and enjoyed what I was doing. It was not that easy but hard work pays off,” says Antoine. He encourages other students to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. “When you get stuck along the way, remember that your positive attitude and resilience will help you succeed!”.

Antoine and Kepler First cohort on AA graduation day.
Kepler started in 2013 and it is dramatically progressing due to the indelible professional competency and potent ability on work places around the country. The application at Kepler is still on going through their website.


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