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Mugisha kept his drawing passion inspite of lacking tools and trainings

20:09 PM 2015

Nowadays, youth are talented but they fear to show their talent because of lack of training and tools however, Mugisha who is the student from Riviera High School is committed on his talent. Lack of tools and training did not stop him from continuing his drawing practices. Only pencil and drawing notebook is helping him to put into action his talent.

By simply using his art notebook Divin Carel Mugisha has drawn different impressive landmarks and personality photos from internet. He has drawn Bob Marley, the renowned reggae artiste (RIP), the Taj Mahal palace of India, the residential house of the American actor Ice Cube and many others. It is easy to assume that a 19 years-old student with these skills has got them through more practices and training however, this student says in his own word “I have loved drawing for as long as I can remember but I have never received any sort of training.”

The news from Newtimes, Boniface Onyango; the Principal of Riviera High School, believes that this attitude, which is shown by most African parents, is responsible for talent spread in Africa. “We are not doing enough to retain talent. When someone has a unique skill, it’s only a matter of time before they leave the country because there are better opportunities out there,” he explains.

Mugisha is a student from combination of Physics, Mathematics and Computer (MPC). His academic life is his priority. He only draws in his free time. However, he says that the lack of opportunity and lack of inspiration have not discouraged his love for art .“I draw every chance I get. I draw during the day when I don’t have lessons to attend. I draw during prep time. Sometimes I draw when I’m chatting with my friends,” he thinks.

By Evariste Nizeyimana

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