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More about Olivier Kwitonda who follows his passion as a Painter

08:37 AM 2016

Exploiting Talents is one of the prime ways that youth can magnify their lives.Olivier Kwitonda 28 and a profession painter, his life has been transformed into a reasonable living frame through exposing his aptitude in community. In an exclusive interview he held with Yeejo Tv, he managed to illustrate his past life of painting and convey fruitful message to the youth relating to exploiting talents.


Here is one on one with Olivier Kwitonda : Tell us about yourself ?

Olivier: My name is Olivier Kwitonda, I was born in Rwanda around 1987. How did you discover yourself as a painter?

Olivier: I think it natural as I found myself as painter without studying it in the class or elsewhere, I was born with it, and it is a part of my life. When did you start this carrier?

Olivier: I started painting in 2010 in sector of painting as a visual artist, I was self-taught. I have worked with different international and local artists. My technique is semi-abstract, naïve, mixed media, and acrylic on canvas. Tell us why why did you decide to follow painting not joining other profession like engineering, medicine, law, journalism and others?

Olivier: Actually, I got talented since my childhood, I used to draw and attending many competitions in primary schools; then after closing my secondary school, I didn’t get any opportunity to go to University and I decided to join URUMURI ARTS (it was a group of two artists who have already done art at school, Nyundo ) as an amateur. As well as I didn’t have much money, I tried to pay Urumuri arts for almost six months and they helped me to develop my skills on drawing and after I started to use acrylic colors. I have chosen to do art, not for getting money or that I has got a talent, but also to express myself through art. In my artworks, I used to paint a daily life, which I got its inspiration from my own situation, I have my siblings whom I am taking care of them.

JPEG - 143 kb Now you are a professional painter ; where do you usually acquire the inspirations to make a brilliant and constructive painting deed?

Olivier: To say the truth, I often get unalike inspiration through our everyday life people and environment. To the high extent of your sophistication what kind of positive impacts art might have on people’s lives?

Olivier: Art is a form of expression. Art is important especially when it comes to expressing inner feelings, thought and so many other things. Art can also be a therapy to heal people ‘wounds from every kind of sufferings. If I am not fallacious you belong in youth category, how do you think art can improve the life of young people?

Olivier: Teaching art in schools, Organizing art festivals, inviting a large community in exhibitions, not only the target people and Street art/ murals: awareness on HIV, importance of education…are some of the way art can improve youth people’s lives. Art also can affect young people’s development as their mindset: being open, creative and innovative. Many people are get infected with HIV are mostly youth, so using murals (Awareness about HIV, Importance of education…), workshops, Exhibitions(development, working together…) can help youth.

JPEG - 143 kb : what is your hallucination or what you are forecasting to do in the future?

Olivier: I wish to meet the greatest artists, being more creative and to make a change in my art pieces, I mean to develop my art style. I wish also to prove my knowledge on art, exhibit beyond and outside East Africa and Africa, have my own gallery in future and Teach and spread the importance of art. I expect to be recognized through publicity, advertisement, and shows
( Radio, TVs, Newspapers,…) Finally, what is your general memo to the young people like you who need to yield money out of their talents?

Olivier: I call upon the young people to try to discover their talents since they are still young, and to look forward to getting from their future. For me, there is a
quote that I like “Life is not about finding yourself, life is only about creating
yourself”. From that, I got a lesson that no one will help you to see what’s inside of you, only you, you will discover it, and don’t hesitate to go or ask somebody someone else for a help.

Claude Uwihoreye.


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