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Minister Mbabazi showed young people a good choice to make and let them a playing ball

03:03 AM 2018

While celebrating the day dedicated to heroes, the minister for youth Rosemary Mbabazi told youth that to be a hero does not ask someone to have money, just a will. It is just a choice.

Her message was addressed in 3 parts, and she based on the message that youth should start to do acts of kindness when they are still young as it is not a good idea to do so being old.
On her Twitter, the minister sent a message to youth that it is up to them to choose to be heroes or not. Being a hero is not only a name, rather works. To do act of kindness to become a hero does not ask someone to have money, but the will.

Even though there are people who think that heroes are those who are dead, there are even young people who are heroes and who are alive. CHENO says that heroes can even be those who work to promote culture and to develop our country.

The new politic prepare to give rings and medals of heroes to presidents and others who do great works being in either in saving people in bad conditions or in promoting our culture and developing their jobs.

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