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Meet Ariane Uwimana the famous Rwanda female soccer commentator

10:58 AM 2016

She was born in 1988 in Nyarugenge District. She studied her primary education at Ecole Primaire Cyivugiza and O’Level at Ecole Secondaire Scientifique Islamique. She then did bio-chemistry as my option in Ecole des Sciences, Nyanza. She later did journalism and communication in 2008 at Institut Catholique de Kabgayi. She is single.

Since childhood, she always loved journalism as she used to watch soccer and listen to the radio, especially Kassim Yussuf, who was her idol. She grew up with some players like Migi, Jojori who now play in first division and she also loved playing football with my brothers through my primary and secondary education.

Ariane said that her parents were not supportive as they did sciences and they wanted her to follow the same path, but after becoming reporter they became supportive because they realized that that was where I was destined to be. “The 2016 CHAN tournament was a wonderful experience as it helped me realize my passion because I worked with SuperSport people who guided me and taught me how to be a full time manager” he expressed.

Her two role models in this field are Andrew Kabura from SuperSport and Sandra from Canal+. Her advice is encouraging girls to go on and pursue their dreams. Once you have the courage to do it and the zeal to discover something new, you will definitely achieve it.


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