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Meet a successful female film writer Claudine Ndimbira

03:42 AM 2016

Speaking to the new times she revealed what motivated her to turn in film carrier.
“I started writing, filmmaking and composing music as a hobby in high school. After finishing my secondary education I joined the Kwetu Film Insitute in 2011. Since then I attended several workshops and master classes on scriptwriting, directing, producing, sound design and animation by film directors like Klaus Keil, Phil Alden Robinson, Kivu Ruhorahoza, and Mohammed Ghazala” Claudine articulated.
“My inspiration is my environment. What I see, feel or hear, I always want to share it. To look into other cultures and the daily life of people from different backgrounds helps me to develop new ideas and bring more variety into my films”. I want to be part of the people who can help others to enjoy, because I know how good it feels to watch a nice movie and I know I have a talent and the ability to create something new so I decided to join the cinema industry.
She added that lack professional film equipment and also lack skilled people in all different fields of cinema in Rwanda. But the most challenging thing is finding producers and co-workers. Team work is rarely done here and staying individual in filmmaking is a way of losing. Some of her successful projects which is Hora Mama, a documentary have been selected to be screened in Los Angeles during the Pan African Film Festival in February. “If it was possible that my films can be selected for that maybe next time I will be in competitions! But the documentary, Hora Mama was chosen for the competition in France called Tremplin Jeune realisateur, I am waiting for the results...I am thrilled!” Claudine expressed.


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