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Kepler Hult Prize Champion towards 1M USD prize pursuit

11:18 AM 2017

Friday 15th December different students within Kepler campus presented their tremendous ideas aims at changing the lives of 1 million of people during Hult prize inter university competitions from which the victor will attend regional completion that will take place in Nairobi capital city of Kenya February next year.

Kepler students pitching their ideas

Before the contestants’ ideal presentation, diverse successful entrepreneurs shared their impeccable but tough journeys through business stories predominantly, their career kicks off stages, financed confrontation as well as basic entrepreneurial tips. This year’s challenge is The 2018 Challenge dubbed “Harnessing the power of energy to transform the lives of 10 million people”.

The winning team emerged as K-Gas Stove project holders Aretha Ntwari, Audrien Iradukunda, Aime Valentie Nishimwe and Gilbert Ishimwe’s that intends to address energy waste challenge by restoring heat with improved system of gas stoves. The first run up came as Empower Group composed of Rosette Muhooza, David Kinzuzi, Arsene Polain Niyitunga who presented ‘Huza’ project, a platform that connects farmers with buyers online.

Golden Reformers, Gloria Kantengwa, Vincent Uwimana and Patience Ngabo who presented their solar battery project that aims at taking heat energy in the refugee camps, grabbed the third place.

Doriane Ndayisaba current Hult prize campus director said that youth should not limit themselves because triumph necessitates enthusiasm and solid work and that it the reason why youth should grab every opportunity around to turn it to productive benefit.
“I do believe that success requires ambition, hard work, inspiration and motivation.

Students did their best to convince the judges

Work hard, do not limit yourself because I do believe that nothing is great than seeing the result of your hard work impacting people’s life. My main message to the winning teams that will also participate in other upcoming sessions of this competition is to be ready to open their hands and hold your dreams with Hult prize opportunities”

Gilbert Ishimwe whose team managed to be the victor did not hide his contentment about the results and pledged himself to be deep into business as the contest opened his eyes towards possible opportunity around the country.

Winning team key idea is K-Gas stove project

“I am very delighted that we managed to come first and we will also compete in Kanya. Actually in the beginning of competition tart competition sometimes you might not be serious enough, but when you win your desire to aim high and reputation escalate as the completion itself intends to transform participants into innovators so as to increase job creation and social impact to the society”.

Ishimwe also expressed his recommendation to youth and government so that you can successively participate in social entrepreneurial scheme. “I can tell the youth to take a step forward and look every place they can showcase their brilliant ideas because although they cannot win they are likely to acquire other opportunities. I can also request the government to initiate a platform of experts that provide basic assistance and coaching to young people that have innovative ideas to develop them, delivering feedback and making them feasible”.

Winning team took picture with Judges and friends

Thibaut Murengerantwari also whose group came as the second Friday said that he was very happy for the completion as it is his opportunity to contribute to the wellness of the whole world. “I am very happy. I and my group finished second and we are still going to the national level here in Rwanda in April next year. Though we could not get the first place, I am happy for being part of an international competition, and feel that I am contributing to the wellness of the world. The experience was very great. Kepler has very smart and innovative students. As a Kepler student, the competition helped me to apply what I have been learning”.

Thibaut added that the competition brought much more benefits to Rwandan society like enabling students to think outside the box as motivating young people to be change makers. It is expected that the first group will represent Kepler University in the regional contest finals that will take place in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya February 26th 2018. Regional champions will straightly participate in global finals at UN headquarters, in New York, USA next June.

The winning team will also compete for regional award in Nairobi

Hult Prize Foundation is a start-up accelerator for social entrepreneurship that brings together the brightest college and university students from around the globe to solve the world’s most pressing issues. The annual initiative is the world’s largest student competition and crowdsourcing platform for social good, and has been funded by the Hult family since its inception in 2009. For more additional info you can log on

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