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"Journalists should be sources of good deeds", minister Julienne Uwacu

17:07 PM 2018

During MINISPOC organized meeting held at Lemigo hotel on 18 January 2018 scrutinizing the role of media in boosting up Rwandan culture, minister of culture and sports Julienne Uwacu asked journalists to be sources of good deeds.

Delivering her opening speech, she announced that journalists are both superstars and idols therefore, they should be sources of moral and respectable deeds because they are crucial pillars to enhance Rwandan culture through their journalistic career.

"you have the ability to create and play a tremendous role in enhancement of Rwandan. Rwandans perpetually follow what you daily serve them by reading, watching and listening to your radio programs. Henceforward, you are superstars and its your turn to utilize that fame to be sources of good deeds towards your audience whom you feed." minister Julienne Uwacu said

Despite the fact that she extended her appreciation torwads role different media platforms play in boosting up Rwandan culture so far, minister Julienne requested them to always be careful because if mistaken, they might destroy.

"I’m really thankful to your part in sustaining our culture however, you should always be cautious if not you might eventually destroy." minister Julienne Uwacu added

Director of radio Rwanda, Aldo Havugimana eyes media as most consumed diet amongst citizens of Rwanda through radios,TVs, print media and the like.

Nevertheless, he stressed on day to day contribution of media to retain our culture by playing Rwandan artist’s musics on both radio and TV, which is a gigantic step compared to sometimes back whereby foreign music had conquered in Rwanda.

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