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John Love Tuyishime a young successful entrepreneur in the Northern Province.

03:21 AM 2016

John Love in front of their nearest Primary school /Burera District/ Photo taken by Patrick Tell me about yourself?
JL.T: my name is John Love Tuyishimire, I am high school graduate. I have finished my secondary school this last year of 2014 and ready to join University of Rwanda in few months. I will be in CBE (College of Business and Economics). what is your primary goal in your life?
JL.T: My primary goal in life is to become a successful man and improve the life of not only my family, but also the society in general. I cannot forget to mention that without the mercy of God, nothing can successfully happen hence the primacy in believing him. Excellence in knowledge and service to the people is my target after finishing my studies. Describe a moment in your life, where you realized that you could have an impact in the world?
JL.T: hahha, that’s a great question. From my country side, where I was born. People there and generation were to say that I would become a soldier, and add nothing. It was repeated continuously. So, had to ask my closer why, then he told me that it was because I am always shy, so that they cannot know what is inside me, therefore no way to feel me with them… that’s why they expected me to become a military, as it seemed like no contact between military and the public. could you please elaborate your family members and how they have helped you to achieve your dreams?
JL.T: Everyone in my family has played any role to make me become who I am now. Christopher AHORWENDEYE 58, is my beloved father whom I love so much for his contribution to who I am. I am also proud of my mother Domitille NYIRAHABIMFURA 57, she played a paramount role in making my bright future. Tremendous experiences from my birth along all my life. My brothers- Janvier Byukusenge, young enthusiastic offspring is not only my brothers but also true friends whom I have much respect; for sure they have been my role models. If you complete your education, how you will use your knowledge to play some impact on the future generation of your community?
JL.T: As made it my career, the completion of my education being a social worker with the skills, wisdom and knowledge about the little perception of the universe, social ecosystem. On God’s creation in fact that I am alive, experiencing still learning to contribute, I need to be a good ambassador. Who has influenced your life in the biggest way? How and why?

Well I hate to say it but it was an abusive alcoholic wife whose kind husband took me and my sisters’ once lost during the war. You see bad as well as good can influence a person to do better in life. She taught me to be strong and overcome the obstacles placed in front of me and my brothers due to her bad poor parenting. Thanks for your time but before we close can you give a piece of advice to other youth, who thinks they can’t do anything?
JL.T: Awesome, as I said now I am 20 years old and I have done something important. The first word I can tell to them is to be self-confidence. If you believe that you can do something you can do it. Another advice is to not being afraid of starting their new business because of lack of capital. There is a government fund which helps youth to create business by giving them loans, it is called BDF. Thanks, I hope you will accept our call if we need you in the future?
JL.T: You are welcome, hope to meet you soon.


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