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Jeanne D’Arc Girubuntu the Only Woman in Rwanda’s National Cycling Team

23:10 PM 2016

As per to ESPN, Girubuntu is now 20 years old. She started training professionally three years ago and is already the only woman on the country’s national cycling team. Next week, she’ll be competing in the annual Continental Championships Individual Time Trial in Casablanca, Morocco. Ahead of the event, here are 10 things to know about this inspiring woman.

Girubuntu was an athlete most of her life as she also competed in soccer, volleyball and basketball growing up. She started cycling professionally at age 17, when Adrien Niyonshuti, suggested she undergo a riding test. Her long femurs are perfectly suited to cycling because they allow her to be extra efficient at pedaling. She also has a high red blood-cell count, making for fast injury recovery.

In world champion individual time trial, finished near last place, but there were at least 40 other cyclists who did not complete the race. Team Rwanda pays her about $1,200 a year, which allows her to support her parents and four siblings while she is able to focus on training. Girubuntu wants to see more women cycling in Rwanda, and in the meantime, Girubuntu is mentoring young girls and hoping to make women’s cycling more respected and accepted in Rwanda.


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