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Rwandan Model Mupende met NE-YO face to face

15:04 PM 2015

The hit maker of Miss independent Ne-Yo burned Kampala the capital city of Uganda with multiple songs in Uganda after musically bombarding Tanzania and he was appreciated the way he performed although the Ugandan concert was so amazing compared to Tanzanian.

One of the fans of NE-YO the Rwandan model Alexia Mupende who turned out the party told that she will never forget the best performance she had ever experienced in Kampala Uganda during Ne-yo’s concert.

“Thanks for reaching out about the Ne-Yo concert it was awesome full of fun, entertaining and he really engaged the audience I am telling you this is the best concert I have ever attended, and I love Ne-yo as an artist! He has pure talent...he composes his music, he’s a great dancer and musician and even more awesome performer in person!” Alexia cautioned.

Alexia added that she was very blessed to attend such concert as she got opportunity of taking picture with him and he believe that as a model maybe one day in the future she might be used by him in his next music videos.

Ne-yo who entertained many and they still remember his gig.

“I felt really blessed to have an opportunity to attend his concert let alone take pictures with him...I was clearly star struck!!!!!!! Not sure I recall all I said to him...but am sure it was a mouthful I asked that hopefully as a model he can feature me in one of his future music videos!” Alexia insisted.

Alexia Mupende is a professional Rwandan female model who participated in big fashion show in Europe and East Africa.

Photos:Ding Xiang

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