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H.E President of Djibouti Ismaïl visited STRAWTEC (Video)

07:11 AM 2016

In the tour of STRAWTEC as one of the big companies recently launched to contribute to the environment protection in the development of Rwanda, President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh with CEO of RDB Francis Gatare were explained how the factory works how they get materials,from the productionm how they produce with the processing line machines as well as shown the model houses built with strawboards from rice and wheat straw.

STRAWTEC owner Eckardt M.P Dauck

STRAWTEC owner Eckardt M.P Dauck spoke with media about the president’s visit and mentioned that I am very pleased we have been chosen and it is important to host this event for us to be visited by H.E President of Djibouti and government officials like Francis Gatare who is here for the first time. Djibouti is a nice country we have been there and we will set up a factory in Addis Ababa and with a railway we can supply in that region including Djibouti. We are for 5 months in operation of the factory which is run by local Rwanda team. Our strawboard production are on international standard quality far better than we do in Europe. He added that it is important for us to explain to them that we can build a house even up to three floor without a still or a wood because strawboard is self-supporting.

STRAWTEC Production Manager Jean Paul Nzeyimana

Production Manager Jean Paul Nzeyimana said that strawboard is an environment solution whereby the sand,stones and cements excavated in different areas which causes erosion will be progressively reduced. The normal houses which can be constructed with bricks,stones and sand in 8 months to one year and with strawboards it can be done in 8 weeks..



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