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Governor Munyantwali : Young people should develop the spirit of solving conflicts

03:58 AM 2018

The governor of the western province Munyantwali Alphonse said that young people should continue to show their role in the change in preaching in their families how to solve conflict themselves.

Jean Pierre Harindintwali from the district of Rubavu, sector of Nkungu, in the Cell of Mataba in Gatonto on the head of a group in charge of hygiene said that they try to convince people to work for the development, and he finds that at the level of 90% they are achieving their goals.

However, in the challenges that prevent these young people in their development include roads which are not well managed, prices of water which are high even though he says that they are ready to give their contribution to overcoming these challenges.
The governor of the western province Alphonse Munyantwali demands young people to use their knowledge from their studies and their churches in preaching the spirit of solving conflicts in their families.

He says that they are still young, but they have what to teach their families. There are even their families and their neighbors, and he demands them to keep on showing their role in our communities. There are some problems which demand some financial means like roads, and in the budget of the next year these problems could be addressed, and this in a short time.

The message from RBA says that this governor demanded young people to avoid drugs as it is something against development, and what our country wants will be achieved once they keep on working together and ask for a help from the government for what they cannot make on their own.

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