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Who is Teta Diana the female Rwandan Artist?

02:10 AM 2016

In the interview with the New times she revealed that her passion for music started when she was still a young child, “I started singing when I was a kid I wrote my first song at the age of eleven but then it was later that I joined serious music that was in 2012, that’s when I got a chance to step in studio,” Teta uttered.She recounts a competition she took part in 2012, it was for all high schools in Kigali and she finished in second position and won a prize to record a song in a studio.

“I knew one producer and through him I got to meet other artists, he always told them how great I could sing and people started looking for me, that’s how I got to know Uncle Austin and we did a song together called Nzapfa Ejo.” Teta added. She told the new times that participating in Tusker project also increased one step to her carrier as she was one of the four contestants that were selected to represent Rwanda in the auditions though she didn’t get through to the finals. Since then it has been incredible moment after the other for her, there have been invitations to perform for Rwanda Day three times, various performances here in Rwanda and in Europe too.

Take a loot at Velo the new hit song of Teta.

“At the beginning of this year I received an award in Sweden, there was an African day and I went to represent Rwanda, I was awarded for a song called Ndaje, recently I also got an award from the first lady an award for young Rwandan achievers.” Teta revealed Lauren Hill, Kamariza, Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Whitney Houston are some of the musicians that have set her inspiration. “Their music was all in the message and for them it was more of something they wanted to share with the whole world that’s why they inspire me.” She says 2015 was an epic year for her and hopes that 2016 goes on well for her as she is hoping to do collaborations around East Africa. “This year I have to go bigger, I have started the year with Velo’s video. I have so many other projects, new songs, new videos, I am working on an album and from now on I am planning to do a song and release a video immediately

“I have always said that it took more than one man to make the Rihanna, Michael Jackson or Beyoncé that we know. I think if we keep the spirit of the Rwandan people believing in us and supporting our music, we then can go to the next level but it has to start from here. No one will value our music before we do and I think we really do have artists that have potential.” “My fans have done all of this and I believe they can even do more, they can lift me up and make me even bigger because that’s my target and I can’t do it on my own.”


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