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Education and youth employment can move Africa to the next stage

06:21 AM 2016

Donald Kaberuka teh former Afrian Development Bank in Kigali -EWF.

Among the speakers there was Donald Kaberuka a former African Bank of Development president who is now a fellow at Havard Universty. Donald said that African elites can not easily understand how African education is suffers because their children study abroad. “The truth is that the elite care less because their children go to school abroad, leaving the poor with the underfunded higher education,” Dr Donald Kaberuka, a Harvard University Fellow who co-chairs the WEF-Africa expressed.

Donald also added that Africa needs to invest more in education so that we can have tomorrow well educated generation. “To prepare young Africans for tomorrow, we have to invest in them differently,” Dr Kaberuka, the former president of the African Development Bank uttered.

Mr Swaniker said virtual learning is fast taking root in Africa, giving hundreds of students access to curricula of world class universities such as Harvard. “The truth is that Africa is lagging behind the rest of the world in access to good education. If we choose to follow the same path that got them there, we’ll need to put up 135 universities per year to catch up. But that’s impossible. That’s where partnerships (based on technology) with top universities comes in,” he said, adding that Rwanda would soon host the African University that enables students go through competitive curriculum developed elsewhere.

Grace Machel during WEF Africa held in Kigali.
Dr Graca Machel, founder of the Graca Machel Trust and co-chair of WEF-Africa and a widower of Nelson Mandela said that unemployment had been allowed to fester for too long, since independence. “We have to break away from learning what others have learnt and stick to what is good for Africa,” said “It is not bad for our universities to borrow global models but what they teach must be relevant to Africa. In the long run, we should even consider curriculum written in African languages,” she said.

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