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Help Dydine Umunyana a young Rwandan female to publish her book

05:57 AM 2016

Raising the support she said that Genocide, War, through the eyes of a child... was unforgotten story that she always recall and is one the reasons that motivated her to publish the book as she will never wish for any child to see. “After surviving the genocide by the age of 4, I had already experienced a lifetime of sorrow, hurt and loss. The consequences of the genocide filled the lives of many Rwandans.” She revealed.

“I’m raising money in order to publish my first book, titled "What a Beginning!" This memoir documents the Rwandan genocide against Tutsi through my eyes as a child, and explains how I emerged as a Youth Peace Ambassador in the aftermath of a tragedy. My own life experience is not unique, but common to the majority of the people who still live in dire misery as a result of the global inequity” Dydine uttered.

The following is an excerpt from her first chapter:

"A country that was once called the land of milk and honey has become a country of blood and sorrow. With my eyes wide open, my whole body trembling and sweating in the rainy season, surrounded by dead buddies I’m lined up with many other Tutsi people. I hear the wailing sound of people being slaughtered and the blowing of whistles from Hutu perpetrators who are celebrating the massacre echoing in the distance. I’m just a child, what have I done to be hunted this way?"

She said that she is so grateful for all the people who have helped me along my journey thus far, and would love to be able to realize my dream of educating generations to come by publishing my story. The money needed is for will Editorial Services, ISBN and Barcodes, Copyrights, Other online services needed for self-publishing and Printing Services. She finally stated that everyone feel free to share this information with friends and loved ones who may be interested in supporting my cause and helping me spread the message of love and hope!

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