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Did you know how you could find out your passion, and the way to follow it?

00:48 AM 2016

The most cases on this world, show how serious and difficult it is to find out one’s passion, and the most famous people in different angles present various hindrances and difficulties that an individual faceswhen chasing his or her passion.

Talking to, the world’s famous Dramatist, artist in art as well as a TV presenter and theatre actor, Gil-ALON from Israel, shared the youth who attended yeejo youth workshop, the longish life stream that he underwent when he followed his passion. Alon said that it was not as easy as people can imagine now, since his parents did not mention his passion. “My parents did not figure out my passion, only my primary teacher was the first to do so” Alon said” They did not stop nagging at me and pushing me to school since I hated it and failed all the courses” He went on.

The main strategy is to look up straight towards the passion without giving any time to the thought of failure,according to Alon, He said that most of the time the ones in charge of giving you a hand are the first to dismay you in the struggle for the passion, and that the passion requires to put all aside. “I finished the high school without any certificate because I was unable to study, I was busy doing my arts and Drama, that increased my parents’ anger towards me, they thought I was the shame to the family, but the passion can get you wherever when followed fully.” He approved. “I went to the university of art because in Israel art universities never require certificate but talent and passion.” He added.

Gil-Alon teaches in a variety of Universities around the world, and moves from place to place doing his passion, since He likes it, He said that he never bother doing it, and that he is doing it under no body’s interests but his own. He advises people especially youth to follow their passion in the favor of nobody but their mind, and that passion should not be aimed at making money nor proving some hindrances that they were wrong, when the passion is through all come in addition to self-satisfaction.

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