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Audrey Iteriteka Beyonce ’cover might make her a super star

17:01 PM 2016

As per to, a video of Iteriteka casually performing a cover of Beyoncé’s famous song "Halo" in front of her high school friends has stirred some waves within the Internet community. It has been countlessly shared by local celebrities and is now on the way to conquering the rest of the world.

Iteriteka, who’s allegedly an orphan and is currently studying modern literature at t Lycée Sainte Therese Gitega, says she usually sings just for her own pleasure and wasn’t expecting to become famous. "I was very happy and surprised at the same time," she told Audrey remains humble about her future as a singer, but at the same time is proud to represent Burundi and inform people about her beautiful home country.
Listen to the Audrey’s Hallo cover which made her a new upcoming potent singer.


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