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Airtel: “Ni Ikirenga” winner is the high school learner.

11:41 AM 2016

When asked about what he will do for the money, he says he will use part of the money to start an income generating project.
According to the New times our primary source Pascal Iradukunda felt joyuful after getting the prize. The fourth year student at TTC Zaza in Ngoma District, has been pondering on how he will raise tuition fees as he prepares to complete his studies. However, Iradukunda will not have to worry any more after he won over Rwf838,000 in the ongoing Airtel Ni Ikirenga promotion on Tuesday.
The science and mathematics student said besides using paying fees, he will use part of the money to start an income-generating project. Iradukunda is the promotion’s 31st winner. Airtel customers stand a chance to win up to Rwf1.5 million per day in the promotion that started in the end of last year.


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