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AHF Rwanda celebrated Christmas with 200 kids (Photos/Video)

05:22 AM 2017

Tuesday 12th December at Remera health center in Kigali city, AHF Rwanda celebrated Christmas and new year with 200 kids so as to give them additional advice and wishing them fruitful new year eve.

Murasa Don Alain the representative of those kids said that he is happy for that day’ achievement and pledged to keep promise so that they will effectively reach their development target.

“We have planned this day with joy and we are very delighted how the event was as all officials we invited turned out. We are really praising God that we made it, we will never stop this because it is very crucial. Again we must keep promise so as to achieve our goals and based on past we hope that our future will be good”.

Bateta Sylvie the representative of AHF Rwanda at Remera health center told that the core reason behind this day is not only wishing these kids joyful Christmas but also instructing them about adequate behaviors they should hold in this final period of the year.

“We organized this day mainly to wish them merry Christmas, we gave them different gifts and all matched our expectations and the kids were so happy. The essential message I can give to them is to be courageous to take HIV test so that they can know their status and for those who find themselves HIV positive know next step”.

Remera health center director Musabyimana Emile said that although they organized that day to wish kids effective end of the year, but on the other hand they wanted to give them different daily life tips they should follow so as to achieve their development goals.
“The objective of this day is to wish these kids merry Christmas and new year, but this is the opportunity to show different behaviors for kids in their daily life activities or in case they encounter illness and we did this so that they can have decent future”.

He also added that the core reason they invite kids from different age categories is to increase collaboration between old ones and young ones so that they can train each other.
“We invite kids from diverse age classes including little ones and old ones so that those who are mature can teach and advice their young brothers and sisters so that as life goes on they can increase their mindsets as they consider them as role models and even you can see that most of them are educated means they are able to provide them with constructive developmental tips”.

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