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Adventist church and AHF RWANDA are offering Free medical test including HIV AIDS in Rwanda

05:28 AM 2016

Habimana Jean Pierre Medical Camp supervisor SDA

Medical Camp supervisor Habimana Jean Pierre said that this event is organised by Adventist church to preach gospel as well as offering Free medical service to local community and church member. "People are being tested HIV AIDS too in order to check on their life. Pure spirit lives in health body as bible says" he added.

John Hakizimana Linkage Coordinator AHF Rwanda

Not only testing HIV AIDS but also other free service are available such as eye checking, General consultation, physiotherapy, etc . AHF RWANDA camp supervisor John said that people are attending this free medical service including HIV AIDS test whereby women and youth attend considerably on daily basis on 53%. "HIV AIDS test takes from ten to fifteen minutes to get the results . We hope that around 10000 people in different camps will have been tested for HIV AIDS" John revealed.

Madam Yabaragiye Febronie

Madam Yabaragiye Febronie testified herself how important the service is to community. "My child was sick and I found out that here they are offering Free medical service and I came. Additional I was interested to voluntarily test myself for HIV AIDS since 2011. Before I felt no problem to test and now I am happy because I am not affected . I will invite my husband to come for checking and he refuses I will advise him to use condom in case".

This free HIV AIDS testing service target 20 million on treatment by 2020. Free medical service camp location is behind Amahoro stadium near Ferwafa football playgrounds.

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