Submit Your Proposals for the Youth Agripreneurs Project (YAP) under the Global Forum on Agricultural Research

08:48 AM 2016


The young agripreneurs from around the world aged below 39 years at the time of submission are eligible to apply.
Eligibility Projects

The projects have to be related to the agriculture supply chain: input (seeds or fertilizer, tools) or production (crops, livestock, fisheries, forestry, agro-forestry), value-added services (such as processing or storage), market access;
The US$5000 seed funding by itself has to make a difference in the project: e.g. projects where one has to wait for another $20,000 to come in before starting will not be accepted;
The project has to be practical, realistic and hands-on;
The project has to show self-sustainability. e.g. no repeated financial investment is needed, and it has to be eco-sustainable (let’s not ruin the earth while trying to feed the planet);
The project should show concrete results or at least tangible outputs within one year;
The projects which have a direct impact on rural areas are preferred;
“Group submissions” are accepted, e.g. projects run by a group, an organisation, institute or from a small company (with an annual turnover of less than US$50,000). The proposal has to be submitted by the person who would be the project coordinator, and will be the mentee in our project;
Up to two project proposals per person will be accepted.

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