Wells Mountain Foundation scholarship for High School Leavers

02:54 AM 2016

Our hope is that by providing the opportunity to further one’s education, the scholarship participants will not only be able to improve their own future, but also that of their own communities. The foundation believes in the power and importance of community service and, as a result, all scholarship participants are required to volunteer for a minimum of 100 hours a year.

To learn more about the Empowerment through Education Scholarship opportunity, please review theETE Program Information Flyer and read the ETE Application Frequently Asked Questions Guide for 2016.

Prospective Scholars
Our Ideal Candidate – A student, male or female, from a country in the developing world, who:
• Successfully completed a secondary education, with good to excellent grades
• Will be studying in their country or another country in the developing world
• Plans to live and work in their own country after they graduate
• Has volunteered prior to applying for this scholarship and/or is willing to volunteer while receiving the WMF scholarship
• May have some other funds available for their education, but will not be able to go to school without a scholarship
The scholarship awards are determined by the Board of Directors of the Wells Mountain Foundation and awarded once a year. Applications must be received by April 1 of each year to be considered for the following academic year. Only the selected WMF Scholarship recipients will be emailed on August 1. Their names will also be published on our homepage, news blog and the WMF Facebook page.

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