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1. Program Overview

The Korea International Cooperation Agency was founded as a government agency to maximize the effectiveness of Korea’s grant aid programs for developing countries by implementing the government’s grant aid and technical cooperation programs. With a mission to support Human Resources Development (HRD) in developing countries, KOICA invites talented people from developing countries and helps them gain professional and systematic knowledge that will play a key role in their home country’s development.

To accomplish this mission, KOICA has been operating master’s degree courses with leading Korean universities in the fields of economics, ICT, Health, fisheries science, women’s empowerment, rural development, etc.

From 1997 to 2015, the program has assisted a total of 2,598 students through 141 courses. And as of 2015, 388 participants will participate in 19 master’s degree programs at 19 Korean universities. More detailed information is provided from our website at

By experiencing and learning about Korea’s remarkable development throughout the stay, participants will gain considerable expertise and strengthen their analytical abilities. To enhance the effectiveness of the program, KOICA is constantly cooperating with domestic universities to diversify the field and expand their budget.

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Ibitekerezo (2)

  1. uwujuje Rachel 16 April, 12:39

    These opportunities are great for Rwandans bcs they will bring us enormous good changes considering studies improvement .thanks to korea’s scholarships.

    Subiza iki gitekerezo
  2. Victor 22 May, 14:10

    Hey, could you please tell me how Should I apply for Korean undergraduate scholarship. Thanks

    Subiza iki gitekerezo

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