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21:38 PM 2015

Kepler is a nonprofit university program that offers an accredited American degree to students in Rwanda. It is now accepting applications from students who want to join Cohort 2016. This year, it will conduct tests in Rwanda, Burundi, and the DRC only. Applicants should therefore be citizens, and/or residents of one of those three countries.

As a Kepler student you will:

Earn an accredited American university degree
Develop critical thinking, English language, and technology skills
Learn in a collaborative and student-centered environment
Get personalised attention from faculty and coaches
Explore internships and job opportunities
Receive a laptop for your educational and personal use
Live in furnished student housing near campus
Participate in numerous student organisations, or create your own
Kepler degree program is competency based. This means that students can complete the degree as slow or fast as they want to, depending on their own ability. So far, most students completed their Associate’s degree within 2 years. Students are on track to finish their Bachelor’s degree within 4 years.

Kepler offers the following degrees:

Associate degree in General Studies, with a concentration in Business
Bachelor’s degree in Communication, with a concentration in Business
Bachelor’s degree in Health Management, with a concentration in Business
It is looking for students who have the following background:

Strong English skills (reading, writing, and speaking)
Excellent S5 and S6 scores
High National Exam Scores (You can apply without your score if you have not received it yet)
Leadership skills, volunteer experience, etc.
Interest in taking business courses
The admissions process:

Apply through between now and February 19, 2016
Finalists will be invited to take an admissions test and interview in March
Selected students will be notified in April, and invited to attend Admitted Students Day in April
Students will also receive their scholarship and financial assistance offers after they have been notified that they haven admitted to Kepler. Kepler tuition costs for the 2016-17 academic year will be 800,000 RwF (approximately $1,100 USD). The cost of housing, healthcare and insurance, weekday lunches, and other benefits will be 500,000 RwF (approximately $700 USD) for the 2016-17 academic year. Group housing for first year students is mandatory.
All students are also eligible for a living stipend of up to 45,000 RwF per month, which will be included in the student’s financial assistance offer. This stipend is optional and can be opted out of or reduced at the student’s request.
Upon admission in June 2016, all students pay an annual registration fee of 50,000 RwF to secure their place in the next Kepler class.
Many students will be eligible to receive support that can cover a large portion of the costs of attending Kepler. This support can come in the form of scholarships, which do not require repayment, or in the form of deferred payment plans, which require repayment over five years, but only after graduation or after the student has secured employment. A low interest rate, currently 6% per year, is charged for deferred payments. Many students receive a combination of scholarships and deferred payments. The amount of scholarship funding that students may receive will depend upon their ubudehe level and their academic merit.
More detailed financial assistance information will be provided with admissions packets.
New students will start classes at Kepler in June 2016

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