Faith Life of a righteous Christian

06:08 AM 2016

Galatians 3:23-25
Since Monday we have started about a evangelical training . Monday we learned that God is almighty so,he doesn’t need any kind of contributions or help from Human being .

We’ve given an example about Abraham& Moses history . God didn’t need the help from Moses or any contribution from Abraham .That why God used Moses while he turn 80 years old , he didn’t use Moses of 40 years when he had a power , Knowledge. The same Abraham , he didn’t be given a son when he was 75 years and when he still have strength , but he begotten a son when he had no hope at all in his heart within 100 years old.

At the time God said to Abraham " I Am the almighty God". Now you have no possibility to beget a son , now you have no hope ,but me am Almighty God. So, in the same a way for us to become the righteous , for us to become as holy as God , in our eyes it looks impossible. Just as Abraham he begot a son in the age of 100 years old , but God who we believe is almighty , that why it’s very easy for God to make us Righteous .

We’ve been explained what the sin in the eyes of God. Because in the book of Galatians is talking about the faith , before faith come and after faith has come. So, now what is the sin in the eyes of God ? Sin in the eyes of God is for us not to believe his word.

Jeremiah 2:13.
My people have committed two evils: The first one, they have forsaken me . We given an example of the one men who has two women , if this men choose to marry the women called A, means that he forsake women B, here he already choose to separated with the B . Many people even thought the say that they believing God, they believing Jesus but eventually at the last moment they choose their thoughts, all of them they feel they believing Jesus but eventually at the last moment they choose their thoughts !

All churches in Rwanda teach the Gospel that Jesus died for people’s Sin or their sin. There’s any one who doesn’t know that? Why does Jesus die for ? To saved us from our Sins . Really every body know about. But the problem is ,many people they conclude that they still sinners! Why? The reason why they conclude that they still sinners it’s because they have chosen their thoughts which is different from the God’s word . In other words they have forsaken the word of God! So, that why in the eyes of God all of Sins in this world were already taken by Jesus , were paid by Jesus.

God doesn’t condemn you because you are born as sinner , Doesn’t condemn because you are drugged by sins, doesn’t condemn you because you are weaker before Satan , why? Because God already knows about that . If so ,who will go to hellfire? The bible says , this inflaming fire it’s waiting for the people who didn’t know God , who didn’t Obey the Gospel of Christ . Those who didn’t willing to know who God is, those who don’t have a heart to learn who’s God is and don’t obey the Gospel of Christ . It means that ,those who follow their thoughts and chosen their understanding or thoughts .the bible says , this people they are the one who sin will free . After you listen to the Gospel of Christ , if you sin will free , no remains sacrifice of sins (Hebrews 10:26)

So, what is these to sin will free? Those who don’t believe the works of Jesus as it is. I really hope no one among of you sin will free , I really hope that no one of you reject the gospel of Christ because his /her reasonable , your understandable thoughts .

Let talk about the second evil: Jeremiah 2:13. Remember that the first is that They have forsaken me(God).

2nd ,they fountain of living waters, and hewn them out cisterns—broken cisterns that can hold no water. mean that they try to find water by themselves , they hewn the cistern by themselves , but those cisterns can’t hold water. Why does God say that this is the second evil ? Because though you’ve forsaken God who is the living water that why you’ve this symptoms to be thirst , that why you need this living water.

God said " those who are thirst you come to me and I give you the water". But people who try to find the water by themselves , God says to them that " they commit this second evil". After being deceived by Satan , he planted this kind of thoughts in the heart of people, you have to solve your problems by yourselves , as you now commit the sin you have to be responsible for it , now you did the mistake you have to solve to sort it out by yourself .we were born in this world with this kind of ideas , as I we’ve been told by servant of God , this the course of this world, Trying hard and working hard! We live with this kind of suggestions, we have to do something hardly and diligently.If there’s any problem we’ve to try to solve it and make it correct diligently

So as people see themselves, because they always commit sins , Satan has put this thoughts :you’re doing sins , you’ve to correct yourself , you’ve to change yourself but if not , it’s impossible for you to stand before God! It’s sound beautiful , it sounds understandable and that why the most people they follow those teachings . Most religious in this world ,they teach this kind of teachings: you’ve to do good , you’ve to avoid evils, and if there’s wrong that you do correct yourself and most of people they follow this teachings . Which means , people try to solve the problem of sin by themselves ! Now people become thirst why? It’s because they were separated from God within living water . Since they were separated within living water the who’s God ,that why they’ve got this symptoms to be thirst each an every moments.

Now God is ask us to return to him , so that we can drink the water from him,But Satan doesn’t want to release you , that why he’s telling continuously ,you try to find the water by yourself . That how people they try hard to find water by themselves . God says " that’s the second evil they commits ". But problem is that we are people who don’t recognize Satan and we haven’t wisdom to realize that’s the deceit of Satan . For longtime we’ve been tried to find water by ourselves , but when God sees us because we were deceived by Satan completely and we try to find water by ourselves , God was Sad. That why God sent one thing to us in order to realize that through this way to try to find the water by ourselves it’s impossible for us to stand before God still we separated with him , That’s the Laws.

God sent us the laws so that we can realize this the trouble of Satan. Because the Satan always tells us to do by ourselves , tells us to keep the laws by ourselves , you try to fulfill what the laws required! Is laws good or bad ? It’s not matter that’s good or bad . Where from laws ? Laws comes from God. Anything from God is good or bad?
Everything from God is good, therefore laws too is good. Laws from God it’s words of God . E.g. You shall not commit dirtily, is it a word of God? Absolutely . You can’t say that it’s not that the God’s word but the God’s law! That’s the word of God . Problem is that you deceived by Satan , you’ve to fulfill the laws of God by yourself . This is deceit of Satan and its that problem.

Galatians 3:21
21.the law then against the promises of God? God forbid: for if there had been a law given which could have given life, verily righteousness should have been by the law.

Law of God is not there to against the promises of God, Law of God is there in order to lead us to the promise of God . Which means that the reason why the laws of God were given to us it’s because it can be used to fulfill the promise of God. In the laws of God , we could realize that normal how hard I try to keep the laws by myself I can’t help anything except to fail . It’s impossible to keep the laws by myself. By realizing our true image , we are able to be in the position to be ready to receive the guidance of the word of God . As we’ve been told on the day second , Pastor told us that " the faith comes, Faith is not in us, faith comes from Jesus , from God who is the ruled Master of faith ".

So, for us in order to receive the faith , we should be in the position where we can

the promise that I’ll make you the fisher of man is still effective "! Do you understand what means?✋ the works of Jesus is never canceled , this blood of Jesus , the power is in blood ofJesus is never disappeared .,brother and sisters the bible says clearly " believe " this faith has everything ,this faith There’s like seed . Inside of the seed there are :tree,roots , flours , fruits ,branch,leaves . But Satan deceit people like this : you have to bring the tree by yourself , you have to bring the roots by yourself , you have to bring the branch by yourself, you have to bring the leaves by yourself , you have to bring the fruits by yourself ! There’s not such faith in the bible , that why you need the true church that can teach you this true faith each an every moment.

I have seen some brothers and sisters who received salvation and receive many changes in their life. I never told to anybody to live the clear life , but after they receive the salvation , this salvation received began to change their life. Of course it depend the people , sometime you may take time for them to change but as long as they receive salvation ,as long as they receive this faith am sure that this faith will work the change of life.

It’s like a testimony of young sister who testified . Even though she received the salvation but she had never have a heart to preach the Gospel any more , But when attended the cell netting , she only listened the word to the word. That word started to work in her heart and open her mouth to preach the Gospel . No her will determination but God’s word.

Pr Ko’s testimony . I used to smoke , I used to drink alcohol , I used to make an other trouble and I tried to quit them but I failed but after I received salvation , that word entered in my heart began to change my life . Am very selfish, but from that time I saw other strange heart I had never have before !A heart to consider others , to sacrifice before others . Am sure that is the heart from this word of God .the bible says lets that mind be in you that is the heart was in Jesus .when this heart of Jesus lives in you, there’s when you’ll live like Jesus, that’s as like light of the world when you believe Jesus . But Satan deceives you , you’ve to do by yourself ,everything by yourself the reason why people are tired ! Sometime we don’t have love but we try to love! That why people we are very tired . But if you receive the love from God ,it’s very easy to love others with the love you received from God. But when you try to love others while you don’t have the love it’s very difficult . Always many religious asking you " to love to love to love" but don’t have love in you but you try to love , that why you felt so tired. Think well about faith , this faith it’s which can works in us. The bible says " you can’t please God without faith . I hope this word will begin to work in your life .

Be blessed
[4/9, 09:02] ‪+250 736 111 448‬: receive the faith. Who can receive the faith? The one who realize " I am dead completely " the bible said "the dead one receives to the word he will be " who can receive to the word? Is one who realize " I am dead , I am destroyed because of sin " I can not keep the law perfectly, which means that what remains in me its only the judgment of God. Those people they are able to receive to the word of God .and because they are already failed, they were believe that from their thoughts they have to do only somethings by themselves,But those who have not yet failed they still try to do any by themselves. Those who have failed completely ,they are able to be released from their the thoughts that lead them to do something by themselves .

So, through the laws we are able to realize our true image .and when we realized that we are 100% perfect sinners , who can not come out from this position , by he/herself that’s when we can meet the Jesus who comes on this world for Sinners . Even though there are so many sinners on the world ,but there are not many 100% sinners ! You understand what means? Many people says " ahhh I am sinner , but a good sinner "! Am a sinner who try my best to keep the laws, am sinner but am pastor , am sinner but am choir leader !these kind of people are not perfect 100% sinners .
These people ,when you asks them "are you a sinner or not ?" They answer " there’s no righteousness here on this world"! Because every body commit sins . But when you asks them again " so, do you know exactly that you’ll go to hellfire?" Because sinners will go to hellfire.Their answer is " no no no no, even though am sinner, but I can never say that I’ll go to hellfire"!

What does these mean ? They are not a 100% perfect sinners before God . That why they couldn’t meet the Jesus comes down this world for 100% perfect sinners . Therefore they still remain in the position of sinners.their Identity is not clear .
The Pastor tried to identify by himself as example of Clear Identity.

Do you know who I am? Am Pr Ko , Director of IYF, Am from South Korea , I am a women ! We everybody laughed of him while he said he is female gender ! There the identity become wrong , not clear because of something mixed which not identify him correctly . That how many people are . " am sinner but righteous sometime"! Actually Pastor Ko is men ( gender Male)

So many people their identity are not clear before God. Are you sinner? Am sinner sometime other Time righteousness! Many people are not clear before God! Why? Because they have never realized their true figure before God. If you really stand yourself before God, you can’t have at all to testify , you’re nothing but sinner , you’re person to be destroyed . But people they don’t know their true image . So, those who realized their true image , they are able to meet the Jesus , and by accepting Jesus,because he died for the sinners ,they are able to become the perfect righteous by believing the blood of Jesus , by accepting that the works of Jesus for them ( justified , washed,sanctified etc ....) those who believe they will be served .

After we receive salvation , the bible clearly shows us life of people who received salvation.
Let think about the Samaritan women in John chapter 4, this Samaritan women she used to try to find the water by herself , she changed her husbands five times! and when she met Jesus she was living with the sixth husband , she tried her best to find the hope and happiness but she failed completely. When she met the Jesus she didn’t do any thing except to hear to the word of Jesus and when said to her" I am the Messiah , that word come to her and entered unto her .that Means after she believe the word of Jesus , from that moment that word of Jesus began to lead her life.

Because many people they don’t know what faith is exactly , that why many people they become with many questions ,it is not questions actually but doubt.because they didn’t believe , since they didn’t believe the power of blood of Jesus , they become with so many suspensions or doubts . Is faith enough ? If Jesus died for our sins is it okay to commit sins freely?is it okay to live however we want because our sins forgiven ? The reason many people comes with such questions it’s because they don’t know the bible exactly .

The life of Christian . Is it life of failure or is life of victory? Do you really believe that the Christian lives in life of victory ? Lives victorial life. Yeah people said like that .yeah , True Christians Like David , Moses, Apostle Paul , they live in the life of victorious life! Even though they say so, once again they become with doubts .it Is faith enough? Is it okay to commit sins freely ? Did apostle Paul asked those kind of questions ? No. Ehh, Jesus you said " my sins was forgiven " is it okay I commit sins freely ?

That foolish question! But the problem is that many people they are rejecting the gospel because of such questions are in their hearts.and people since they don’t have the clear answers of those questions , that why some people thy lives however they want . Everywhere they are some groups whom they preaches the gospel about the grace , yeah they say that we are in the grace of God we are not under the laws, we are forgiven and then you know what they say ? Now it’s finished, everything it is done ,even faith is not important, even if you commit sin no problem! They are some people who teaches about that , we are different from them .

We can clearly explain to you about the life of Righteous. After we receive salvation means that we receive the lord Jesus as our lord as our Master . From the moment Jesus , began to lead our life, began to interfere in our life . and that the word of God , of Jesus began to work in our life . So, Women who committed an adultery after she was served ,Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn you ,go and sin no more.

John 8:11. People who are under of the laws , who are under deceit of Satan as I told you those people they have an ideas to do something by themselves . That why when you read for them such verse " go and sin no more" they interpret it , you see that even Jesus told this women to sin no more ? We should no sin , we should fight against the sin, I should stop the sin ! Once again they try to do it by themselves . But life of faith is different from the life under the laws .

Because we have completely failed , those who have failed they were able to be released from the thoughts that they have to do something by themselves . After receiving the works of Jesus in our hearts , this word says " go and sin no more " entered in us and begins to lead our life .that why the bible says , After Jesus said " go and sin no more" said again I am the light of the world " those who follow me , they shall never walk in darkness. What does this mean? I am the light of world , and you’re in me ,that why you can’t walk in darkness, you are in mine domain or control , you’re in mine Guides . You believe this and then this faith will changes our life . But Satan try to disturb us so that we may not receive the faith .

Let think about Peter , Jesus said to the Peter " I’ll make you the fisher of man " at the time peter received that word , if Peter tried to be a fisher of man by himself how difficult would be? Jesus told him " I’ll make a fisher of man "! From the moment , for Peter to be a fisher of man there was not up him but up to Jesus . What Peter was suppose to do was to believe the word of Jesus . But the problem is in middle , he rejected the word of Jesus, why?

Because it didn’t look good in his eyes. What Jesus said to him ? " you’ll deny me three times"! This didn’t sounds good in his ears , but he refused no no no, I will never deny you , even in fire , even if I die I’ll never deny you! He rejected the Word of Jesus.But according to the word of Jesus he denied him. at the time Satan condemned him " you denied Jesus , do not ever think that you can stand before Jesus, your salvation is canceled , do not ever go back to Jesus !but the salvation can ever be canceled .


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