Advice: Archbishop Birindabagabo is afraid due to evil behaviors old people pass on to the youth

03:07 AM 2018

The archbishop of Archdiocese of Gahini in Anglican church Alexis Birindabagabo says that the youth should love good with all their hearts and don’t do evil things to help them to achieve a good future and develop our country.
He says that he is afraid due to the fact mature people do evil things and that when the youth don’t get a good example tend to become bad people.

In the emission Amahumbezi of RBA said that young people should try to love God with all their hearts, working with energy, and not to do evil things as it is possible.
The archbishop says that this help as once you see that people are doing evil things, it is not easy to see what is the future of our country as young people learn from old ones.

However, he says that with the help and collaboration of churches in Rwanda, they do whatever they can to show youth the good thing to do as when they is a problem targeting young people does not target a church they belong to,

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