Visit Bisoke Crater Lake or Nyungwe Canopy at low cost with Wilson Tours

15:21 PM 2017

This weekend we have a choice of two great locations for you to select from.

Saturday 7th Oct. Bisoke Hike

• Rwandan: 35,000 Rwf
• EAC: 110 USD
• International 130USD
All including: transport, entry fees, picnic lunch and Snacks.

What to carry :
hiking boots raincoat, back pack and more snacks

Departure time :
5h00 am
Return time :
about 8h30pm

Sunday 8th Oct. Nyungwe Canopy Walk

*Rwandan: 35000rwf
*EAC: 35000rwf
*International: 130USD
ALL including:
Transport, Entrance fees
(canopy walkway)
Guiding& Lunch

What to carry:
Raincoat, Hiking Boots,
Bag pack, Snacks

Departure time :
5h00 am
Return time :
about 8h30pm

Booking Deadline: 5th October 6 pm

N.B: please don’t hesitate to contact us for private group tours�For more info don’t hesitate to call (+250)788850725/ 0783375389 or Email: �Fun is double when shared! ! !�SO MUCH MORE TO COME !!!�#NoBoringWeekend #travel #fun #discover #rwanda �#tour #hike #1000hills #canopywalkway #YOLO #love #1000hills #Rwandan #Travel


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