Youth urged to join agribusiness

10:29 AM 2016

AS to the New Times, Speaking at the launch of the forum in Kigali, yesterday, Jean Philbert Nsengimana, the minister for youth and ICT, talked about how mindset contribute a lot for Rwandan youth to rag behind. “When you ask what is really lacking for our youth to make their mark in agribusiness, you realise only mindset is the biggest challenge in transforming agriculture into a business-driven and oriented sector,” Nsengimana expressed. “For now, we have many young people who are skilled in agribusiness, whom we want to encourage to venture into what they have been considering as a non-profitable sector,” he added.

Some of the participants follow proceedings at the meeting.

Dr Geraldine Mukeshimana, the minister for agriculture and animal resources, said the youth should shun wrong perception about rural areas as not favourable for business. “The youth should know that rural areas are the ones with more untapped opportunities. For instance, instead of coming to the city to spend your time unemployed, think big on how to tap opportunities in rural areas,” Mukeshimana said. François Kanimbla, the minister for trade and industry, said agribusiness holds a huge potential for the youth to develop, explaining that top 10 opportunities have been identified in each district, which he urged the youth to exploit.

Some of the initiatives for youth development include Rwanda Development Board entrepreneurship development programme, Youth and Women Employment Project, Digital Opportunity Trust Programme, Strengthening Rural Youth Development through Enterprise, Opportunities for Youth Employment, Youth Livelihood and Business Entrepreneurship Development Programme (YES Rwanda), and Farming is Cool Initiative.

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