Rwanda sport journalists team to look first win of the year against StarTime

03:51 AM 2016

The latest result was fair to say so, as the sports team had to come from behind twice to draw level with a strengthened Diaspora team that included a number of former first division players.

Coach Fuade reactions in a draw match against Rwanda Diaspora team

Coach Fuade will call back Peter Kamasa and Matsiko Amos who have missed the Palace Hotel and Diaspora game respectively. The duo midfielders will add the balance in the team that was somehow missing on Monday.

Guss and Sadi who are reportedly suspended are likely to miss the game with the midfielder maestro Richard still out due to knee injury. The second goalkeeper choice Frodo Bacaro will also miss the game having injured himself in training.

The sports journalist team will hope that their main striker Sammy Imanishimwe will get back to his best form today having netted six goals in last nine matches but struggled to make an impact against a well-organized Diaspora team on Monday. Jean Luc Imfurayacu is another striker to rely on with his three goals in last two games.

The AJSPOR team may have now gone nine matches without defeat but they will hope that History doesn’t repeat itself today as they have never won a game at Kicukiro ground (D3L1) with their most distasteful defeat against Burundian side(2-3) coming at that pitch.

The startime side with Rayon Sports official is not a threat opponent to journalist having not won a known football game.

Kickoff: 15:00 Kicukiro today on 08 January 2016



Ephrem Mafuremu (R. Authentic)
Twagirimana Pacifique (


Pacifique Hategeka (Ishingiro)
Hitimana Claude (Flash fm)
Dodos Kayitankore (Radio 1)
Butare Leonard(RBA)
Philbert Hagengimana (Radio
Felix Gakwandi (Sana Radio)
Mutabazi Djafar Ndume (
Joseph Iradukunda(Kfm)


Jules Karangwa (Lemigo Tv)
Jado Dukuze (Radio 10)
Peter Kamasa (NewTimes)
Happy Twizere Tom(
Matsiko Amos (Amazing Grece)
Abbas Claude (
Nasri Mahoro (Flash fm)
Egide Njoli (Sana Radio)


Sammy Imanishimwe (Kigali Today)
Jean Luc Imfurayacu (Radio 10)
Denis Nkusi (Isango Star
Gentil Gedeon (KT Radio)

Coach Fuadi Uwihanganye.
Ass Coach Jado Max
Team manager Eddie Claude Mudenge.
Team Doctor: Machad
Protocole& Media: Rigoga


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