Masudi Djuma off suspension

05:04 AM 2017

On this 1st May Djuma organized his first training as they are preparing their postponed game versus Gicumbi Fc on this 2nd May 2017.

Under his suspension, Massoud Djuma missed the returning leg with Rugende and Musanze Fc at Ubworoheran Stadium in Musanze District. During that period the assistant coach Nshimiyimana Maurice known as “Maso” was operating his duties.

Massoud Juma yari yahagaritswe na Rayon Sports Fc azira kudakorana neza n’abo bafatanije gutoza iyi kipe, ariko ibi birego byahakanywe n’impande zombi.
On the side of leaders, Gakwaya Olivier executive secretary of Rayon Sports said that he went on his job, but he will face other great punishment if he redoes the same mistakes.

Rayon Sports Fc leads the result table of Azam Premier League with 58 point and 7 points ahed of the his rival APR Fc which equalized with Police FC yesterday, but it still have a lot of chances of winning the cup as it has alredy prayed only 23 games while others played 25 matches.

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