Jamie Vardy breaks premier league record by scoring 11 consecutive goals in 11 games

10:36 AM 2016

Jamie Vardy, the English man by nationality and the Leicester city player wrote his name into the Premier League record books as the Leicester striker scored an 11th goal in 11 consecutive games during their clash against Manchester United at King Power Stadium. The Leicester player scored to break the record of Ruud Van Nisterlooy in the draw Manchester United.

Before this game started the two teams were the ones leading the table of Premier League. Leicester was at the top Manchester United was the second, so the clash had to justify who is going to remain on the top. After 23 minutes of the game Vardy got one advantage from a counter and directly in the net after only to touches by two players from the goal. The fast man broke the record of Manchester United Legend Van Nisterlooy and he broke the record beating his former team. But by the end of the first half kicked an equalizing header to remove his team behind.

Jamie Vardy became the first to score in eleven consecutive games in Premier League and wrote his name in Premier League history. He did a necessary and extra ordinary job to start a new chapter. It was a real fight to him since he had to break the record on a team where the player was, Manchester United.


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