Bye bye Manchester city to Sansilo’s Champions league final

17:45 PM 2016

Man city’s Capitain Kompany got injured early
It was a game where Manchester City did not show any passion for winning because they were dominated at a high extent till the Welsh man Bale forced Fernando to score an own goal after his heavy shot. This goal came after an injury of the citizens captain Vincent Kompay. However, Madrid side continued pushing looking for another goal to secure their qualification. After a short time, Sergio Ramos netted the other goal but the referee denied because it was from Pepe’s assist who was in offside.

Man city’s striker Aguero trial

Manchester city tried to catch up to find an equalizer but their midfield was weak due to Toure’s injury. Gareth Bale continued to show up with a heavy attack, but Ronaldo was unable to score because he had spent three games out of the pitch with an injury. The citizens made possible substitution looking for a goal, but the in form Ramos couldn’t allow them to pass.

Modrich was with Joe Hart only and failed to score

However, Sergio tried a long range shot which passed over Navas’s posts. The last whistle came, as Madrid was still leading with 1-0 that made them qualify to face Atletico Madrid in the final that will take place on May 28 at San Siro in Milan.

Ronaldo was picture catching ball as goal keeper.

This is going to be a third consecutive Champions League trophy that is going to Spain in the last three years. It is also going to be the second final of Madrid derby. While Madrid side enjoys reaching the final, on the other side, it looks strange for Manchester City because they don’t look like they want to qualify for the next Champions League season. After losing at Southampton on 4-2, they don’t show passion for qualifying because there is still competition with Manchester United, Westham as well as Arsenal even if Arsenal is in front of them.


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