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A former secondhand retailer won over 16 Million Francs in betting

05:05 AM 2017

Makombe receiving a check form Luck bet leaders. (Photo:Igihe).

Makombe who lives in Kagugu cell, Kinyinya sector in Gasabo district, is married and has three children but unfortunately his wife passed away. The full amount of money he received is sixteen million eight hundred thousand and four hundred (16,844,400 Rfw). He combined the prediction of 19 games of most unknown teams from different European football leagues.

Makombe told local website Igihe that he is more thrilled as he thought he would not be given the money while he was called. “Many take it as unserious gambling but it is normal game like others. I have been betting for over one year. I used to win for a little money, this is the first time I win much money like this” Makombe expressed.

Many people confirm that they faced huge loss through Betting, while others say that it has changed their lives due to the profits they harvest. Rwamasunzu Patrick, the head of Lucky bets in Rwanda said that Makombe is not the first person to win much money in four years they have been operating in Rwanda, as last year other three people won over six million each investing only three hundred Rwandan francs.

Since betting started in Rwanda, the businessman man called Claude Gatoya Munyakazi is on the top of victors as he won 156 million Rwandan Francs in 2014 World cup games took place in Brazil by investing only 600 RFW.

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