Why celebrating international Condom day 2017 in a Youth center

08:09 AM 2017

The youth YEGO center of Kimisagara hosted the international Condom Day and many young people attended to enjoy, dance, sing and listen to the message of the day.

Emmanuel Nizeyimana ,22, is One of the best performers who received an award to have encouraged the youth in the message of importance of condom. Emmanuel said this is a good opportunity to encourage youth condom because they are the ones who find themselves dragged into sexuality and without the use of condom, many disease can attach them. Celebrating this international condom day at youth center, it is a good choice to enable the message to reach many young people at once.

Dr Brenda Asiimwe Kateera/ Country Program Manage AHF Rwanda

The government representative emphasized the importance of condom use in HIV AIDS prevention and to the main message of AHF Rwanda Dr Brenda Asiimwe Kateera, Country Program Manager said “In Rwanda, almost every adult (over 90%) is aware that condoms prevent HIV and where to get them if needed. However, only 48% of women and 31% of men reported using a condom during their last sexual intercourse; Similarly only 49.4% of female sex workers reporting using a condom consistently with paying partners. This therefore highlights the need for concerted action to ensure consistent and correct condom use in the Rwanda population.”

This day is in relation to Saint Valentine day in encouraging people to prevent from HIV AIDS as well as fighting against unwanted pregnancy in delivering free condoms and free HIV testing. New infection numbers are not reducing especially among women and young girls and that is why AHF Rwanda is working together with the government of Rwanda in different activities to fight HIV AIDS such as putting in place four condom Kiosks to deliver free condoms to people and currently 80 thousands condoms are delivered every month. Dr Brenda added.

Free condom distribution, HIV testing, Road tour from Giporoso to Kimisagara with edutainment activities and condom promotion messages were highlighted.

“Condoms are always in fashion, but they are not always available, affordable or attractive,” added Terri Ford, Chief of Global Advocacy & Policy for AHF. “Condoms are still the most effective way to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases as well as preventing unwanted pregnancies. Now is not the time to abandon condoms. International Condom day is a fun day to put condoms back in the spotlight.”

This celebration of the international Condom Day on 13th February 2017 proceeded the St valentines day to encourage the use of condom for protection.

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