Rubavu youth undergoing HIV/AIDS free test : AHF Rwanda

13:58 PM 2017

Both ministry of health and AHF Aids Health Foundation (non-governmental organization of anti hiv/aids), has bonded together to invent special program for residences of Rubavu to undergoing HIV/AIDS test freely right from their sectors.

Nteziryayo Narcisse, one of AHF Rwanda officials reveals that within only 10 days, people are participating in a big number and vows to receive more.’

Maj. Dr Kanyankore William, director of Gisenyi hospital, stresses on how this program will positively impact on HIV/AIDS diminution in Rubavu district. Nevertheless, many will undoubtedly undergo the test as time passes on.
“there is tremendous increase of HIV/AIDS infected people in Rubavu district. Henceforward, we decided to start its residences. We also wanted to help those who fear to have HIV/AIDS test by coming closure to them in their sectors.

Furthermore, it would be a good opportunity to share advises to those who are already hiv/aids negative as well as those who are not infected yet.” Maj. Dr Kanyankore William said

As they announce, the residences of Nyamyumba sector as one of sector chosen were very delighted of this program because it helped numerous people who had fear to undergo HIV/AIDS test.
“it is very rare to see people building a tent to let everybody who wishes to be tested come. Actually, this is a place of which youth and elders can easily come and be tested without going to big hospitals. We sometimes feared to go to those hospitals but fortunately, ministry of Rwanda and AHF Rwanda made it possible for us.”Immaculate Mukeshimana revealed.

A 68 years old man, Enock Munyamagana who was tested testified that it was his first time to have HIV test because it could take him long journey to reach where these tests were being carried out.
“it is my first time to have HIV/AIDS test, I could just hear it but I could not go owing to the fact that it was very far. However, they have come closer to us in our respective sectors and personally I underwent the test. Additionally, I’m HIV positive and I look forward to keeping it though I am no longer able to do sexual intercourse.” Enock said
Among 700 people who are so far tested, only 8 of them found infected. This program intends to test at least 3000 people within one week.’
According to ministry of health statistics, 3.5% of people are already infected in Rubavu district.


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