Rubavu: AHF Rwanda avails Free condoms 24/7 in Rubavu due high HIV prevalence (Photos/Video)

05:29 AM 2018

During the annual celebration of International Condom Day that takes place on thirteen February every year, AHF Rwanda The international organization fighting against HIV/AIDS revealed that Rubavu city in western province of Rwanda doubled the HIV prevalence compared to the national statistics.

New HIV/AIDS prevalence in Rubavu is 6 per cent compared to 3 per cent at national level. This was the main reason for AHF Rwanda to celebrate the 2018 International Condom Day with conjunction with Valentines Day by promoting prevention of STDs, HIV and unplanned pregnancies through free condom distribution and safer sex awareness events and activities.

In Rubavu city as a strategic and hot zone , AHF Rwanda toured the city in carrying out a sensitization campaign to promote prevention of STDs, HIV and unwanted pregnancies by doing free condom distribution and safer sex awareness with aim to raise awareness and reduce stigma on condom use in HIV prevention.

Dr Brenda Kateera, AHF Country Director talking to Online youth Magazine mentioned that some people beyond Kigali city need condoms but rarely find them.

“Rubavu district was chosen because of relatively higher prevalence compared to the rest of the country. Already the kiosks are in Kigali city which are the highest prevalence in Rwanda but also Gisenyi has higher prevalence. It is around 6%, more than double to the national prevalence of 3%. So that shows that there is still problems that we need to address.” Dr Kateera said.

To some belief that condoms distribution stimulates prostitutions, Dr Kateera strongly disagrees with it assuring it is one way of HIV prevention.
”Giving condoms is a way of empowering people that they can have safe sexual behavior. It actually reduces the risk of HIV transmission; condoms are 99 percent effective in reducing HIV but it is not the only method, there is abstinence, delaying sexual debut and for those that are not able to delay sexual debut they have an alternative of using condoms to keep themselves safe.” Dr Kateera declared.

AHF Kiosks make condoms available 24 hours a day in seven days. Condoms are free of charge.

The coordinator of these kiosks in Kigali city recently said that in the Christmas Eve 2017, three kiosk in Rwezamenyo, Gikondo and Remera distributed 4722 condoms.
The 31st December 2017 to the 1st January 2018 also 3212 condoms have been withdrawn in the same kiosks. Youth in Karongi district have also requested free condoms to deter unwanted pregnancy to the students.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation Rwanda (AHF Rwanda) is an international organization that has been operating in Rwanda for 11 years having been celebrated the 10th Anniversary in 2017. AHF Rwanda It supports the Government of Rwanda tremendously in fighting HIV/AIDS .

Free HIV Testing at the International Condom Day 2018 in Rubavu Western Province of Rwanda

Road tour started from Rubavu city center, Majengu, Umuganda stadium, Petite Barriere, Makoro, Grande barrier, Serena and ended at petite Barriere.

Launched Condom Kiosk located at Migina near petite barriere will be availing free condoms 24/7

Click here to view the photos album of AHF Rwanda lanching the Condom Kiosk in hot zone of Rubavu during the International Condom Day 2018

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