Researchers: Moderate drinking might alleviate some heart diseases

09:08 AM 2017

Researchers found that moderated drinking is good for heart

The study portrays that the role of a small quantity of alcohol in the prevention of cardiovascular disease is necessary. Moderate drinking is thought to be associated with a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease compared with abstinence or heavy drinking.

In the UK, moderate drinking is defined as no more than 14 units (112 grams) of alcohol a week. To put this into context, one unit of alcohol is about equal to half a pint of ordinary strength beer, lager or cider (3.6% alcohol by volume) or a small pub measure (25 ml) of spirits. There are one and a half units of alcohol in a small glass (125 ml) of ordinary strength wine (12% alcohol by volume). [Source: NHS Choices]

The researchers at the University of Cambridge and University College London set out to investigate the association between alcohol consumption and 12 cardiovascular diseases by analyzing electronic health records for 1.93 million healthy UK adults as part of the CALIBER (ClinicAl research using Linked Bespoke studies and Electronic health Records) data resource.

However, some say that it would be unwise to encourage individuals to take up drinking as a means of lowering their cardiovascular risk over safer and disregard other effective ways, such as increasing physical activity and stopping smoking as it is even difficult to control the quantity of alcohol that you can take. Pay attention because this is not a firm and complete conclusion, that can be drawn about cause and effects.

Source: Science Daily


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