Reasons why youth should be aware of reproductive health skills

04:41 AM 2017

One of the main measures to tackle the matter is adolescent and sexual reproductive Health skills in terms of being aware of it as well as open discussions about it.

During the celebration of women day in Nyabihu district on 13th March this year, first lady Jeannette Kagame told young girls to restore the value and integrity that women have been given by good leadership by getting rid of deceivers whose intention is to destroy their future.

Firs lay Jeannette Kagame in Nyabihu on women’s day

“we need you to be aware of different issues that surround you, be open to your parents and find your own solutions to conquer them without ruining your upcoming lives. Prevent yourselves from falsifiers that intent to abolish your future as you know you are future parents of Rwanda” First lady articulated.

Sylvain, the young entrepreneur who is the member of the group that created the technical platform named “Tantine” that helps youth to be aware of reproductive health affirmed that teenager faces enormous challenges related to their reproductive health.

“Youngsters that are in primary and secondary schools are now confronting unexpected pregnancies that it the reason why they should have sufficient reproductive health skills in their early age in order to circumvent undesired pregnancy and even other sexual related diseases” Sylvain uttered.

He added that people should use search for additional knowledge on the internet as well as discuss them at their homes.
First lady Jeannette Kagame, requested that there should be a tremendous achievement until the next celebration of women day in 2018 in terms of finding solutions for the early pregnancy of young girls who are under 18.

Below is the Kinyarwanda version of interview with Sylvain talking about the advantage of having enough reproductive health skills for youth

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