Military Hospital offered free medical services 650 Iwawa rehab youth

04:55 AM 2017

Rwanda Military Hospital (RMH) in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Program for International Education in Gynecology and obstetrics (JHPIEGO), provided free medical services to 656 youth undertaking training at Iwawa Rehabilitation and Vocational Skills Development Centre.

Among the services that RMH medical team provided includes pro voluntary male circumcision by prepex and surgeon, HIV/AIDS voluntary testing and counseling, eye, dental and skin diseases treatments. The exercise was in the framework of Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) social responsibility through medical outreach.

Clinical Division Manager at RMH, Lt Col Dr. Schadrack NGAMIJE, told the youth that they should put into consideration different facilities and skills they get from Iwawa to reach their future goals. “You should be proud of your country’s leadership that wisely put in place such important facilities to change your life for the better”Ngamije expressed.

JHPIEGO is an international non-profit organization associated with the Johns Hopkins University in the United States of America. RMH said that the last two weeks outreach is part of a wider campaign aimed at fighting HIV among the youth.


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