Kigali: Why Females are more HIV positive than males?

14:12 PM 2017

During the celebration of World AIDS day at Nyarutarama,Rwanda biomedical center portrayed statistics that reveals the different between girls and boys in terms HIV.
Jean Pierre from RBC said that among the youth that are between 21-25 years old,the HIV infection is on 0.5% for boys and 2.5 girls meaning that the number of girls who are infected are 5 times the number of boys.

Some of the reasons that are stated to be causing this difference are temptations of old men to young girls, being too materialist for girls, and so many others related to that. RBC give advice of looking after and make continuous follow for parents to their children, as currently many people are busy to the extent that they do not get enough time to discuss with their children.

Jean Pierre added that Condom should come after other tips. This is because it starts with abstinence, Fidelity then the condom comes after. This is why parents should not stack in hunting for money even though it is good, but they should also take care of their children so they can take together the different measure of getting rid of HIV.

AHF Rwanda have put in place 4 kiosks condoms in order help people especially youth access free condoms anytime in Remera, Nyamirambo,Gikonda and Kicukiro aiming at promoting self protection in using condom in case of need.


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