Kigali Testimony: A woman has been living with HIV AIDS more than 20 years

05:24 AM 2017

In her testimony, she said the in 2000 went to a hospital and found that she was HIV positive. He also took her kids at hospital and let them tested, and found that some of them are infected and the oldest was born in 1994 which means he was born with it and that is the reason

As an AHF Rwanda client ,She said that Kacyiru health Center helped her to survive in term of advice and next step. She added that as the topic of this years is " Our contribution to protect and make our children tested".

She said that her husband died in 2007 as medicines were not available that could make them survive, but he tried a lot to work hard so that they can resolve for their family and children.

"I can advise everyone to take the initiative to get tested especially taking their children to the hospital to know their status as it is possible that they might be infected though their parents are not infected," She said.

She added that Rwandan government and partners like AHF Rwanda are trying to make sure that people who are HIV positive get medicines and additional support so that their lives can be progressed.

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