Kigali: AHF celebrates 30 years of existence (Photos and Video)

07:30 AM 2017

Aids healthcare foundation (AHF) celebrates 30 years being in existence in the world. The ceremony was held on Monday 4th December 2017 in Kigali convention center.

Cynthia Davis, AHF Chair of the Board, extended her appreciations to the work which has so far been done by AHF in Rwanda since 2006 (11 years). Today AHF Rwanda supports 25 health centers in 10 districts.
“we are here to join ministry of health to celebrate AHF 30 years’ anniversary being in existence in the world. Within 11 years working here in Rwanda, AHF is working with 25 health centers. We look forward to expanding our supports in Rwanda in a bid to curb away HIV/AIDS”.

Despite great work done, Cynthia Davis announces that there are still bulky challenges of which they are facing. Young girls aged between 15-24 are still doing unprotected sexual intercourse which sometimes ruin their progress to studies as well as getting infected with HIV/AIDS.
“young girls aged 15-24 are being infected in a tremendous rate and eventually drop out the schools. However, we are very sensitive and look forward to educate the youth about protecting themselves against HIV”. Cynthia said.

Ignace Singirankabo, a representative from RBC appreciates the usual support and jovial role AHF Rwanda play to silence HIV.
“actually, 11 years are gone AHF helping us. The pay salaries for some workers, they provide free condoms to the citizens in need, furthermore, they offer trainings and educate both youth and elders to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS”. Ignace said
According to 2030 target, Ignace Singirankabo insures that 90% of people living with HIV will know their status. 90% of people who know their status will be receiving antiretroviral treatment.

Despite all the effort, Ignace stresses on financial problem of which slow down their progress but ensures to keep on trying their best to uproot HIV.
“so far, international aid which were tremendously helping us are now few, but our government has set different ways to finance our activities and fill that gap”. Ignace said
Donate, as one person whom AHF Rwanda helped, gave out her testimony on how she underwent HIV test. Additionally, she revealed the improvement of her standard of living after being helped by AHF.

“I’m HIV negative but I thank AHF Rwanda which helped me to know my status. I’m now a mother of 3 children and I own a soap industry. Hence forward, I am really thankful AHF as well as Rwandan government through ministry of health”.
In 2015, 24% of men and 16% of women have never been tested HIV. 13% who are living with HIV do not know their status.

Etienne Hazikizimana Employee of the year AHF Rwanda awarded



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