Hysteria killed a female fourth year student Uwamungu at karagwe University

06:22 AM 2016

Hysteria is a psychological disorder that affects the mind and is caused by stress, anxiety and curiosity. This disease has killed a student at Karagwe University again! Fear sparks at Karagwe University on 13th December, 2016, when a female fourth year student affected by hysteria hangs herself after being rejected by her boyfriend who also happens to be carrying on the same course as her at Karagwe.

Uwamungu Christine, a 24 year old, business administration student at Karagwe University was found hanging on a rope dead in her dormitory room this morning. Christine who has been dating a guy within campus for one year now, disappeared from around school and she is claimed to have gone to meet with her boyfriend whose name has not been revealed.

According to her hostel roommates:” she returned behaving weirdly, more like a child and stoning everyone whom she came across”. It is said that, she had locked herself in the room throughout the night and her room mates had to find another way out of spending the night somewhere else. It was chapel time during morning hours when they thought of getting their Bibles from the dormitory and also check if their friend Christine was relaxed. They kept knocking but heard no response, they had to call for help and the security guards forced their way in, only to find Christine dead on a rope with her eyes popping out.

Per now, two of her roommates fainted and two others stayed there in shock crying for losing their beloved friend, The karagwe University family is still in terrible shock and the administration has called off chapel. Christine’s body will be taken to her home in kabaya (Eastern province) for a funeral and burial will take place on 15th December, 2016.The tragedy that happened was addressed by the University vice chancellor Mr. Roger kanamugire and said that students may take it as an example to learn from.

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