HIV/AIDS Cure Finally FOUND, Spanish Doctors Confirmed

17:00 PM 2016

As per to, By using blood transplants from the umbilical cords of individuals with a genetic resistance to HIV, Spanish medical professionals believe they can treat the virus, having proven the procedure successful with one patient. A 37 years old man from Barcelona, who had been infected with the HIV virus in 2009, was cured of the condition after receiving a transplant of blood.

While unfortunately the man later died from cancer just three years later, having developed lymphoma, the Spanish medical team is still hugely encouraged by what it considers to be a breakthrough in the fight against HIV and related conditions, according to the Spanish news source El Mundo.

Doctors in Barcelona initially attempted the technique using the precedent of Timothy Brown, an HIV patient who developed leukemia before receiving experimental treatment in Berlin, the
Spanish news site The Local reported.

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  1. Ramjilal 16 April 2017, 01:34

    How i get the treatment for hiv pls tell me

    Subiza iki gitekerezo

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